2014 BWC Registered Teams:

  1. Nate Gilkey – Craig Popken
  2. Brad Berkner – Erik Werner
  3. Bill Schellberg – Dan Sunne
  4. Mike Lee – Chris Lee
  5. Shawn Wellnitz – Nathan Schuelter
  6. Jared Heck – Sam Berger
  7. Jim Hartman – Tim Tesch
  8. Jason Wellnitz – Matt Wellnitz
  9. Scott Sampson – Ryan Keller
  10. John Schwagel – Dale Schwagel
  11. Dallas Croatt – Pete McGinty
  12. Steve Arbogast – Mark Hartman
  13. Rick Robinson – Ben Teets
  14. Doug Padgett -
  15. Dustin Kindelberger – Keith Kindelberger
  16. Kevin Welberg – Craig Welberg
  17. Scott Roelke – Gregg Madsen
  18. Chad Hansen – Rich Hansen
  19. Corey Hansen – Zach Hansen
  20. Doug Tauer – Charles Nelson
  21. Daniel Nefzger – Johnathan Nefzger
  22. Andy Berdan – Keven Berdan
  23. Joe Bungarden – Dave ernholz
  24. Jeff Schmidt – Dave Schmidt
  25. Paul Amdahl – Jason Ackerman
  26. Jim Miller – Brody Padgett
  27. Tyler DeBoer – Mike VanLith
  28. Chad Lohr – Roger Meyer
  29. Brad Jensen – LeAllen Endres
  30. Dale Schultz – Tim Graf
  31. CJ Nagel – Mike Nagel
  32. Justin Heinrich – Tom Heinrich
  33. Jim Huis – Jordan Gibson
  34. Ryan Hage – Heith Sherod
  35. Jeff Anderson – Nathan Foster
  36. Mike Dallman – Doug Sykora
  37. Dave Thielen – Mike Hensel
  38. Jackson Graf – David Graf
  39. Justin Schneider – Justin Ryks
  40. Adam Rinas – Chris Dahl
  41. Shane Spooner – Chad Hauger
  42. Steven Henrichs – Dave Palm
  43. Bob Henderson – Matthew Johannes
  44. Dave Rockensock – John Andrews
  45. Rene Marelic – Eric Lee
  46. Tom Sangren – Troy Marco
  47. John Meyer – David Meyer
  48. Mike Zenzen – Jake Black
  49. Mike Hunt – Mark Scholberg
  50. David Street – Brodie Holtquist
  51. Paul LeTendre – Jason Kirwin
  52. Mark Skorczewski – Brady Mellendorf
  53. Arthur Vollmer – Jeff Vollmer
  54. Steve Janish – Nolan Wolkow
  55. Dan Karges – Ryan Conrad
  56. Matt Lawrence – Marc Collins
  57. Steve Griese – Carl Griese
  58. Steve Dahle – Jason Agre
  59. Wade VanDover – Rolly Karels
  60. Brent Zupan – Dean Broin
  61. Todd Scherer – Steve Hennen
  62. Isaac Pauly – Todd Pauly
  63. Carlos Huebner – Nate Huebner
  64. Robert Johnson – Andrew Ranke
  65. Scott Gordon – Keith Gordon
  66. Nathaniel Spors – Darin Sackreiter
  67. Cody Backstrand – Tyler Scoblic
  68. Derik Walcheski – Josh Walcheski
  69. Corey Reiffenberger – Leo Reiffenberger
  70. Ryan Kelly – Tiffany Lakosky
  71. Mark Daschner – Troy Behsman
  72. Dale Stein – Eric Stein
  73. Mike Zenzen – Eric Schreurs
  74. Jed Olson – Eric Pederson
  75. Derick Wenck -
  76. Mike Oletzke – Bonnie Oletzke
  77. Dan Thompson – Wally Luoma
  78. Mark Stadheim – Paul Cook
  79. Randy Koch – Bryan Koch
  80. Allan Guse – Derek Guse
  81. Richard Misterek – Jerry Arbach


Press Release:  The Big Stone Walleye club is pleased to announce it will again be hosting the Border Walleye Challenge on April 26, 2014.  This years tournament will host a maximum of 125 teams with an entry fee of $150.  Entries will go out in the mail Monday Feb. 10th to all teams that were registered last year.  New teams will be able to register by printing off an entry from which will be available to the public on Monday Feb. 17th.  Teams can also pick up an entry form at Artie’s Bait & Tackle on or after Feb 17.  The club would also like to thank Doug’s Anchor Marine of Watertown, SD for their continued sponsorship of the Border Walleye Challenge!


On Sunday May 12,  the first annual Artie’s Bait & Tackle walleye tournament was held on Big Stone Lake and 37 teams competed for a top prize of $1530.  Anglers were greeted with a post cold front chilly morning with 38 degree temps at take off.  This front did not slow down the hot walleye bite anglers have been experiencing on Big Stone Lake this spring!  Top honors went to Rick and Dillon Robinson of Big Stone City, SD with a winning weight of 6 fish for 15.91 pounds and big fish of the tournament of 4.9 pounds!  The father/son team accomplished their tournament win by pitching jigs tipped with minnows in the mallard point area.  In second place was Joe Bungarden and Pete McGinty both from Madison, MN.  They weighed in 6 walleyes for 15.12 pounds.  Finishing in third place was local team Randy and Bryan Koch weighing in 6 walleyes for 14.98 pounds.  Many teams reported catching as many as 10-20 nice walleyes throughout the day as Big Stone Lake remains one of the hottest fisheries in the state!  Artie’s Bait and Tackle was the host of the tournament and is located at the jct of hwy 7 & 12 in Ortonville, MN.  For more information about the walleye bite and advise for where to fish on Big Stone lake stop in and see Artie and the staff!




Congratulations to the BWC drawing winners!

1st-Brad Berkner and Eric Werner  $3500

2nd-Mark Daschner and Troy Behsman  $1500

3rd-Dominic Johnson and Adam Christenson  $1400

4th-Wade Vandover and Rolly Karels  $1200

5th-Kelly Stattelman and Cory Stattelman  $1000

6th-Ryan Kelly and Matt Treno  $800

7th-David Nelson and Bill Bommersbach  $700

8th-Mike Oletzke and Bonnie Oletzke  $600

9th-Dale Schultz and Tim Graf  $500

10th-Mike Dallman and Doug Sakora  $400

11th-Nathan Huebner and Carlos Huebner  $300

12th-Rene Marelic and Eric Lee  $250

13th-Adam Rinas and Chris Dahl  $200

14th-Scott Seibert and Jason Drager  $175

15th-Dan Moss and Eric Schultz  $150

16th-Jeff Schmidt and David Schmidt  $100

17th-Josh Nelson and Nathan Nelson  $100

18th-Brent Hasslen and Ritchie Seidell  $100

Checks can be picked up at Artie’s Bait and Tackle or will be mailed out next week!

NEW!  1st ANNUAL ARTIE’S BAIT & TACKLE WALLEYE TOURNAMENT – MAY 12 – $100 per team – 50 Team max – Click here for more details and an entry form.

The 2013 Border Walleye Challenge has been cancelled.  A drawing for the cash and raffle prizes will be held at the Matador Friday night at 7pm.  Teams are not required to attend but encouraged to come.  Norm Haukos of the MN Fisheries will be there and giving a presentation on Big Stone Lake fish populations and stocking.  The drawing will be held after the seminar.

Again the rules meeting/prize drawing will start at 7:00.  The Matador asked us to use the BACK parking lot first.  They are open for regular business and would like to use the front parking if at all possible for that.  The Matador will also be open early for all your meal and beverage needs!!!!


RULE CLARIFICATION:  Many have asked what we will do if the ice is not out by tournament.  As stated in the rules, if the tournament is not able to be held on Saturday, we will go to Sunday.  If we cannot fish either day we will have a drawing for the cash and prizes.  Hopefully the ice will be off well ahead of the BWC, but if not this is how we will proceed.  Also, refunds are only issued for cancelled teams if an alternate can replace them.


If anyone that has participated in the Border Walleye Challenge or the Big Stone Walleye Club Walleye League is interested in attending the 2013 Cabela’s National Team Championship…..please contact Eric Brandriet 605-880-2485.

2013 Border Walleye Challenge Teams

  1. Rick Robinson – Dillon Robinson
  2. Steve Henrichs – Dave Palm
  3. Douglas Tauer – Charles Nelson
  4. Craig Welberg – Kevin Welberg
  5. Jim Hartman – Tim Tesch
  6. Mike Lee – Chris Lee
  7. Dallas Roggeman – Jeremy Ohm
  8. Scott Sampson – Ryan Keller
  9. John Schwagel – Dale Schwagel
  10. Joshua Berger – Martin Brown
  11. Jason Ackerman – Paul Amdahl
  12. Joe Bungarden – Dave Fernholz
  13. Tyler DeBoer – Mike VanLith
  14. Jeff Schmidt – David Schmidt
  15. Jared Heck – Samuel Berger
  16. Jim Miller – Brody Padgett
  17. Brad Jensen – LeAllen Endres
  18. Steve Arbogast – Mark Hartman
  19. Daniel Nefzger – Johnathan Nefzger
  20. Ron Bjerke – Chad Wientjes
  21. CJ Nagel – Mike Nagel
  22. Kelly Stattelman – Cory Stattelman
  23. Dallas Croatt – Pete McGinty
  24. John Sullivan – Cody Wubben
  25. Mark Stadheim – Darrick Koch
  26. Shane Spooner – Chad Hauger
  27. Dale Schultz – Tim Graf
  28. Nate Gilkey – Craig Popken
  29. Doug Padgett – Doug Abel
  30. Chad Lohr – Chris Miller
  31. Dan Moss – Eric Schultz
  32. Dale Stein – Eric Stein
  33. Bill Schellberg – Dan Sunne
  34. Travis Sherod – Grump Giese
  35. Ryan Hage – Heith Sherod
  36. Dave Graf – Jackson Graf
  37. Corey Hansen – Alex Hoff
  38. Scott Roelke – Gregg Madsen
  39. Ryan Conrad – Dan Karges
  40. Mike Halvorson – Josh Fernholz
  41. Mike Maher – Rick Jenneke
  42. Adam Rinas – Chris Dahl
  43. Justin Heinrich – Chad Heinrich
  44. Andy Berdan – Keven Berdan
  45. Justin Schneider – Justin Ryks
  46. Tom Sangren – Troy Marco
  47. Shawn Wellnitz – Nathan Schuelter
  48. Rene Marelic – Eric Lee
  49. John Andrews – Dave Rockensock
  50. Brett Hudson – Chris Wrich
  51. Brandon Trapp – Jeremy Johnson
  52. Jeremy Franken – Anthony Peterson
  53. Allan Guse – Derek Guse
  54. Art Vollmer – Jeff Vollmer
  55. John Meyer – Jeff Anderson
  56. Brian Peery – Jeremy VanWell
  57. David Street – Heather Holtquist
  58. Nic Kellen – Austin Olivier
  59. Taylor Portilio – Justin Oliver
  60. Mike Husdon – Tyler Husdon
  61. Kyle Schweer – Josh Kellen
  62. Kevin Maslakow – Michael Maslakow
  63. Keith Gordon – Scott Gordon
  64. Monty Athey – Ron Athey
  65. Brian Steichen – Jake Schaunaman
  66. Matt Sieverding – Robert Hoiten
  67. Steve Dahle – Jason Agre
  68. Isaac Pauly – Todd Pauly
  69. Mike Zenzen – Jake Black
  70. Steve Janish – Nolan Wolkow
  71. Nathaniel Spors – Darin Sackreiter
  72. Mark Daschner – Troy Behsman
  73. Chad Hansen – Rich Hansen
  74. Ryan Kelly – Matt Treno
  75. Kent Exmer – Dan Jochum
  76. Jason Wellnitz – Matt Wellnitz
  77. Brian Lee – Todd Borwege
  78. David Nelson – Bill Bommersbach
  79. Steve Boraas – Dean Grochow
  80. Gordon Schreifels – David Kloeppner
  81. Dave Thielen – Michael Hensel
  82. Dominic Johnson – Adam Christenson
  83. Cody Backstrand – Tyler Scoblic
  84. Josh Spielman – Shane Guy
  85. Tim Lewis – Brant Lewis
  86. Dan Thompson – Phil Keefaurer
  87. Mike Hunt – Mark Scholberg
  88. Shawn Labat – Jess Labat
  89. Josh Strickland – Shawn Carl
  90. Fran Johnson – Arnold Zerke
  91. Nathan Huebner – Carlos Huebner
  92. Bob Henderson – Dan Iblings
  93. Scott Seibert – Jason Drager
  94. Chuck Ross – Bret Setterholm
  95. Bendan Olson – Corey Joyce
  96. Derick Wenck -
  97. Daniel Griese – Carl Griese Jr.
  98. Mike Oletzke – Bonnie Oletzke
  99. Jim Fink – Bernard Fink
  100. Jim Hills – Jordan Gibson
  101. Steve Griese – Mark Lemon
  102. Scott Widor – Jim Kiley
  103. Mark Skorczewski – Brady Mellendorf
  104. Josh Deknikker – Adam Hudson
  105. Mike Dallman – Doug Sakora
  106. Al Standly – Jim Huston
  107. Larry Cramer – Dale Cramer
  108. Richard Misterek – Jerry Arbach
  109. Josh Nelson – Nathan Nelson
  110. Michael Young – Jon Daline
  111. Nathan Henrich – Jason Kellen
  112. Chad Kranz – Tim Patzer
  113. Rod Torgerson – Phil Kelly
  114. 1. Wade VanDover – Rolly Karels
  115. 2. Brent Hasslen – Ritchie Seidell
  116. Brad Berkner – Eric Werner
  117. Joel Stattelman – Kirby Athey
  118. Jon Bork – Jon Bartz
  119. Rich Huebner – Rick Small


The 7th annual Border Walleye Challenge will be held on April 27th this year.  The format will remain the same with 125 teams competing and $150 entry fee.  This years tournament will again be covered on national TV through MidWest Outdoors thanks to our great sponsors!  Entry forms will go out on Feb 1 to last years teams and opened to the public with online applications available on Feb 8th.



Sangren and Marco Win BWC

The 6th annual Border Walleye Challenge was held Saturday April 28, 2012.  Tournament anglers were again challenged with fishing in cold, wet and windy weather.  125 teams competed in this years tournament and 37 anglers brought in only 63 fish with a 2 pound average.  Top honors went to Tom Sangren and Troy Marco both from Dassel, MN.  They weighed in 5 fish for 12.10 pounds netting them a $3,500 paycheck.  In 2nd place was Steve Arbogast and Mark Hartman of Watertown, SD with the only 6 fish limit weighing 10.14 pounds.  The biggest fish of the day was brought in by Justin Heinrich and Chad Heinrich with a 6.96 pound walleye.  In the border battle this year South Dakota took the trophy back and promised it would never return to Minnesota again, according to South Dakota team member Steve Arbogast.  The Border Walleye Challenge committee would like to thank all of its 2012 sponsors Doug’s Anchor Marine, Skeeter Boats, JJV’s Best, Hummingbird, Milbank Ford, Matador Supper Club, Minnesota Tournament Trail, Insurance Solutions, Pizza Hut, Ortonville Liquor Store, Pizza Hut, Club 7-75, Bud’s Bait. Minnwest Bank, Minnwest Insurance, JDRC Rod Company, Diggers Taxidermy, Lakemaster, Hedge & Herberg, Big Stone Lake Area Chamber, Tri-State Printing & Apparel, Rinas Electric, MidWest Outdoors, Big Stone Therapies, Hardware Hank, Superior Industries, Reef Runner, St. Croix Rods, Ortonville Independent, Hasslen Construction, Progressive Collision, Seehafer Hardware, Milbank Communicattions, Budweiser, Ottertail, Big Stone Radio and all the great volunteers it took to make a great tournament. 



Joyce and Olson sail into a victory!

The 5th annual Border Walleye Challenge on April 30, 2011 was greeted by 30-45 mph west winds forcing anglers to brave the high waves or fish the South Dakota shoreline.  This years champions were Corey Joyce of Appleton, MN and Brendan Olson of Hutchinson, MN.  The Minnesota team concentrated their efforts fishing shorelines in the Rocky Ledge area netting them 6 nice walleyes weighing 14.06 lbs!  119 teams fished this years event catching a total of 142 walleyes with the largest walleye of 5.82 lbs caught by Derek Myers and Ryan Boots, a South Dakota team.  Minnesota claimed the title for the 3rd year in a row taking the lead 3-2 for the Battle on the Border!


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